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LDD 051 - Voltage 'More Than Luck LP'

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This product bundle contains a .zip file of both formats combined:

WAVS (44.1 kHz - 16 Bit) MP3 (44.1 kHz - 320 Kbps)

Track 1: Voltage 'Raveageddon'

Track 2: Voltage 'Secret Universe'

Track 3: Voltage 'Suck out'

Track 4: Voltage 'Respect Due'

Track 5: Voltage 'Takin Over'

Track 6: Voltage 'Turn It Up'

Track 7: Voltage 'One Thing Is Sure'

Track 8: Voltage 'Stench Trench'

Track 9: Voltage 'You Might Hurt Him'

Track 10: Voltage 'Stun Gun'

Track 11: Voltage 'Do It For Me'

Track 12: Voltage 'Bear Trap'

Track 13: Voltage 'This World'

Track 14: Voltage 'By The Rules'