Pacso discovered his love for music in Hip Hop as a youngster, but when he moved to London he discovered the Hardcore-Jungle scene and caught the rave-music bug. In ’92 he started to buy records and learned to mix with a friend from school, and soon started DJing on local radio stations such as Chillin FM and Flava FM, with close friend TJ (now known as Reflex), going on to play on more established stations such as Londons Origin FM and Cyndicut FM in Essex.

In 2005 Pacso made the move to the infamous Kool FM, and made his way up the ranks. Having played at many house parties and small venues, Pacso secured his first major booking with Hysteria at Londons SE1 club in 2005, and has gone on to play at Jungle Fever, Breakology, Skankers, Raveology, Low Down Deeps groundbreaking label-nights and many more.Pacso was first introduced to Cubase at an after-school project in Canning Town, East London.

It was a good few years later when Pacso invested in a computer and began to experiment with Reason. Around this time he bumped into long time friend MC Shaydee, who introduced him to DJ Sly. The two became close friends and Working together, with a little technical help from Ego Trippin, built a studio and began to forge their own sound.

Having released such tracks as ‘Intense Danger’ and ‘Crazies Where We’re At” ft. Bassman on Subway Sounds, ‘The Trick’ on G13, and dancefloor favourites ‘Hypnotist’ and ‘Legion’ with DJ Sly on their own label ‘Higher Stakes’, Pacso has forged his name into the DnB scene for the long term and shows no sign of slowing down.