Mc Presha


Presha got into Jungle music in the mid 90s whilst he was still at school, regularly going to house partys he would have a go on the decks and and chat on the mic. Jungle had a massive scene around the Northampton area where he comes from and hosted some of the scenes biggest events around that time with Pure-X, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter etc literally on his doorstep. As friends and peers moved onto appreciate different scenes Presha couldn’t shake off his passion for the music.


In 1998 Presha had been a favourite on Northampton’s local DnB circuit and was offered a residency  at the new Essential nights which later changed its name to Sidewinder. These events were a good platform for Presha and when the promotion teamed up with Helter Skelter and created a new night called Accelerated Culture it went to a next level.

Performing regularly to thousands at the Sanctuary music arena and the Global gathering events he had developed the skills to hold down these big sets on the big stages and  it weren’t long before he was performing for other nights like; One Nation, Slammin Vinyl, Hysteria, Raindance and Warning to name a few.

Heavily influenced by GQ, Stevie Hyper D, Skiba and Shabba he created his own style and adapts to suit the DJ hes performing alongside by either hosting and guiding the crowd though the set or attacking each drop with his well-known hooks and flows.

In 2003 he was nominated as best Newcomer Mc and came 3rd but it was In 2004 when he  was nominated again and this time he took the award which has been a firm career highlight.

In 2005 Presha got together with Garry K & Mark Lambert to start a new brand called Random Concept which started a whole new era. Presha had worked closely with Garry K through the AC days and having been through similar struggles in the scene they wanted to use this to start something different. They wanted to bill the top artists in the scene alongside the next generation of artists.

With a career now spanning 16 years he has performed all over UK, Europe and at WMC in Miami USA. He is a regular feature on all the key DnB nights like Random Concept, Slammin Vinyl, Innovation, One Nation, Breakin Science, Cityflow and many more

Garry K & MC Presha ‘My Therapy’ Studio Mix