MC Manek


Manek Mc 22 year old mc/artist from essex representing TNA & Flyin Squad


Ive been bringing bars and flow to the table since 11 years old, from the playground too the rave. I started off spitting to grime then i started recording from around 13 and continued to do so as i improved through the years as well as performing at local events. Although i done grime i had a big love for Drum & Bass always listening to latest sets and hearing about the raves from older peers. I went to my first big rave at around 16 and from then onwards my love for Drum & Bass and the rave scene grew, it was time to switch it up. Righting lyrics too Drums came naturaly and people began to notice by help of pirate radio such as cyndicut fm.


From 17 I’ve been traveling around the country performing at raves such as LowDownDeep, Random Concept, Rumble, Warning, Raveology, Skankers AND MORE. Concentrating on Drum & Bass whilst experimenting with other genres my music is being supported by platforms such as SBTV.


THE NEW AGE is here ! I’d like too travel the world and spread the vibes where ever! Check out my new mix CD with NU ELEMENTZ