Mc Herbzie


Herbzie first got into the music in 1993 when drum and bass was known as Jungle, highly influenced by rolling beats and bass lines. Back in those days Herbzie’s main music was Ragga due to fact that he was the mic man on a Ragga sound that used to play out around his manor. As he continued to listen to the music it progressed into ‘Ragga in da Jungle’ and he started to chat his lyrics to it. Herbzie linked up with Eks man and they made a few tapes, the two have gone from strength to strength and remained close associates since. The original sparing partners from way back when, first debuted on the radio in 1996 on Pressure Fm with Dj Kutta, on the regular Sunday afternoon rinse-out session. Herbzie was on Pressure for just over a year, and then they stopped broadcasting so he moved to Ruud Awakening, there he perfected his skills doing regular shows every Friday and Sunday. Having spent 10 years broadcasting on the airwaves, to this day Herbzie can be found performing guest appearances on London’s radio station Kool Fm, and on various internet stations.

Over the years Herbzie has been developing his own personal style. Ragga is still a huge influence in Herbzie’s life but he is a very versatile MC and can spit lyrics over most beats including garage, U.K grime and new skool breaks. However, drum and bass has always been the main captivation for Herbzies creativity in producing lyrics. With its fast beats and thunderous bass lines Herbzie is able to create lyrics on any subject. Ever since he started chatting Herbzie has built up a respectable following in the drum and bass scene by performing at clubs in many different locations in the UK and worldwide.