Garry K



In 2001 the re-launch of Helter skelter was held at the legendary Sanctuary music arena , Garry K was fortunate to be selected as the resident Dj at such a prestigious event. ( Years of hard work finally paid off! )
Sidewinder was part of this big re- union – which Garry K was part of many for years before.
The event was a huge success and from this Sidewinder merged with the Helter skelter brand and was then known as ‘Accelerated culture ‘.Garry K continued with his residency with the new brand and took on a more active roll into promoting, Accelerated culture went on to become one of the biggest DnB events in the UK.In 2003 Garry was nominated for best newcomer at the ‘Peoples Choice Awards’ alongside artist’s like Friction and Hazard. Although he didn’t win, it did open doors to international bookings and opportunities.Performing at the Winter Music Conference in Miami is one of the highlights, but most memorable for Garry was performing in front of 7000 ravers at the Global Gathering Festival.  In 2005 Garry launched Random concept alongside Mc Presha and Mark.

The brand was designed for new Dj’s & Mc’s that were just breaking through ; Previous years had seen nothing new so this concept being unique had the freedom to try out different artist billing ideas, without having to stick to the same old DJ and MC formulas.
It proved to be a huge success and Random concept is credited for bringing something different to the table.

2009 Random Concept Germany was launched.

Since then RC has been involved with events in Spain, Australia Belguim and Amsterdam , whilst hosting the DnB Arena at the Global Gathering Festival.

Subrockerz is a new event project that Garry K is currently working on which goes even further into exploring his skills as an artist, keeping his DJ performances unique at the Subrockerz event’s he incorporates many styles into one set , having freedom as an artist delivers a performance that himself and the audience can fully engage with.

Garry K’s Dj set covers most genres and touches on the music that has inspired him over the many years, mixing drum&bass classics seamlessly with the current music that’s moving the dance floor right now.

Running Random Concept, Subrockerz events and continuing with his dj’ing, Garry has now gone back into producing and has launched his own digital label – ‘Random Concept Digital’ , Launched in 2011 the label is diverse in it’s output and offer opportunities to new producers as well as showcasing his own material.


Garry K & MC Presha ‘My Therapy’ Studio Mix

‘Rubber dub’ is the first track on Garry K’s forthcoming ep entitled ‘Lucky charms’ This is a joint project with label partner Dj RV.
Featuring ,Wickaman / Lyptikal .
Release details coming soon


Here is the latest recording of Garry K taken from his set at Nu Era

Check out Dj Garry K on the decks below !